Burke Lake Adventures

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Burke Lake Adventures.

Fees (Current Grade Level):

Girl Scout Grades K-4 $130.00
Girl Scout Grade 5 with Overnight $160.00
Girl Scout Grade 5 without Overnight $130.00
Girl Scout Aides with Overnight $40.00
Girl Scout Aides without Overnight $40.00
Boys/Rangers, Grades 1st-6th, (children of staff only) $40.00
Pixies, Preschool, ages 3-5, must be Potty-trained (children of staff only) $40.00
*Girl Scout Campers may receive a discount of 50% or more when a parent/guardian volunteers full time during the week of camp. A discount code will be provided for registration.*


Important Dates:

Adult registration:  February 10th – March 15th
Adult Placement Notification:  March 30th

Aide Registration:  February 10th – March 30th
Aide Placement Notification:  April 15th

Camper Registration:  February 10th – April 1st
Camper Placement Notification:  April 30th

Last Day for a full refund:  April 30th No refunds on May 1st or after.
Camp Refund Policy:  There are no refunds for campers who withdraw on or after May 1st. Campers who were not admitted to camp will receive a refund through GSCNC.


Lottery System:

All girls will be placed in a lottery system. Our program is run by volunteers only. The more volunteers we have the more units we can have. Which means we can accept more girls into our program.

How to Apply:

Click here to access the Nation's Capital Online Registration System